Hotel 1 411 m² in Region of Crete, Greece

Greece, Region of Crete
€ 2,500,000
Updated at: 26.01.2023


Country: Greece
State: Crete
City: Region of Crete

Property Parametres

Total area: 1 411 m²
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Hotel with 42 rooms in Limenas, Chersonissos. The total area of the room is 1411 square meters. And an additional snack bar, games room, shared bathrooms on a 7635 square meter plot, which includes a large 65 m2 pool, playground, gardens, trees, 33 palm trees with an area of 10 meters. The hotel consists of buildings 3. The first building was built in 1987 and includes 20 rooms, of which 11 are on the ground floor and 9 on the second. 19 can accommodate three guests and 1 - four. The second and third buildings were built in 1993 and include 22 apartments, of which 15 can accommodate three people, and 6 - four, as well as a snack bar, games room and shared bathrooms. All buildings are partially renovated each year. Each room is equipped with solar panels with hot water, they are fully furnished and equipped with a kitchenette and air conditioning. There is a parking lot, and the rooms at the top offer views of the sea, mountains, and olive grove. The hotel is very close to the sea and all the infrastructure. Currently in operation.


Greece, Region of Crete
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