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Posted at 18.10.2017
Updated at 14.12.2018
Property location
Country: Belarus
House params
Building year: 2014
Area: 276 m²
Living area: 116 m²
Land area: 2 500 m²
Property description
Cottage. Treskovshchina LOCATION  Дом is in 22 km from the Minsk encircling highway in the western direction (Rakovskoye Highway) .  It is possible to Reach to the house from the city core in 30-40 min. The house is located in the picturesque place directly on the river bank > Distance to water of 50 m. The reservoir is suitable for bathing. Purity of water confirms also the fact that comes across river форель.  The house is in the deadlock of the settlement, is isolated from strangers. In 300 m from the house is bus остановка.  On the opposite coast of the small river there are ruins of old mill, in Googlearth it is possible to find easily the house exactly using ruins of old mill as reference point.  Участок of 0,25 hectares adjoins to санаторию.  All site is planned, put lawn and set of trees and plants. PLACEMENT of the HOUSE  Главный the facade of the house is turned on the East and on водоем.  Windows on this facade height in floor that the rising sun as much as possible got to the house on рассвете.  At sunset the house is in shadow from the trees located on West side участка.  From the North the house adjoins гараж.  Near the main house guest is located. The exit to terrace and balcony also are on east facade. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS  Понятие environmental friendliness of the house mnogovektorno. At construction of the house natural natural materials have been used: tree, slate, granite, гипс.  All finishing materials were also bought only from the most global manufacturers who use minimum of "chemistry" as a part of the продукции.  Walls of the house are put from bar, naturally it has demanded application of certain means защиты.  For house wall construction we have prepared bar from the wood of the winter cabin in one and a half years prior to construction and during all this time the bar dried under canopy in natural условиях.  BASE  Фундамент steel concrete, ленточный.  Depth of heel of the base of 1,7 m, thickness 0,35 м.  At the same time the complex of works on removal of rain and melt waters from фундамента.  is carried out; Outer end of the base in addition it is moisture-proof. The socle is warmed and trimmed natural сланцем.  In those rooms on the first floor where the wooden floor and heating occurs by means of radiators, in socle there are special pro-spirits, and floor is warmed and raised over the level of sandy adding on 50 cm. When filling the base the concrete pump used M500 brand concrete. WALLS AND WINDOWS  Стены houses are put in the lock from bar by section 200х200, according to garage 150х200.  Further external walls of the house bear on themselves additional framework which is sheathed by imitation of bar of thicknesses 27 мм.  Between wall of the house and covering it is blown into ecocotton wool of thicknesses of 100 mm is also filled windscreen from dense paper. Internal walls are partially put from the same bar, and partially from гипсокартона.  We Pay attention that all possible adjunctions of walls from bar to motionless constructive to elements (to fireplace, ventkanal, windows and doors, outside karkaks and so forth) are executed using special hinges. Of course, use of floating fastenings considerably raised the price of the estimate of construction, however has allowed to conduct finishing of the house immediately after wall construction will also prevent deformation and break of elements of covering in дальнейшем.  Among other things there is a wish to note that walls of the house are also attracted to the base by means of 42 pins to dia of 22 mm, which can be tightened on the attic in process of shrinkage дома.  Though the main shrinkage of the house has already happened and within the next 2-3 years residual shrinkage within 1-3 cm on all height is possible.  Все windows in the house are made of tree with use double стеклопакета.  At the same time by production of windows the accessories of the best world производителей.  were applied; Outside glasses of all windows of the first floor in addition are shock-proof. ROOF  Кровля it is executed from natural сланца.  At the same time when laying plates of slate the third row blocked первый.  The most reliable design of roof will provide protection against moisture on many десятилетия.  Roof проветриваемая.  The Rafter system was made on separate production, was delivered to the place and was mounted by means of the crane. The rafter system is covered with continuous furring, protected by special membrane which is strengthened by by means of vertical обрешетки.  Engineering systems  Отопление occurs natural газом.  at home; Rooms with sexual covering from slate, namely the platform, hall, kitchen, furnace and guest bathroom are heated by means of system warm water полов.  In rooms independent automatic control температурой.  The Drawing room, the dining room and premises are heated by radiators which are also the декора.  element; This optimum combination of system of heat-insulated floor and radiators provides the maximum comfort and excellent health to residents. Garage also отапливаемый.  In addition to automatic system of heating in drawing room there is open fireplace, and in the main bedroom печь-камин.   Все wet rooms have forced ventilation system: 4 bathrooms, the Turkish bath (boors), furnace, wardrobe at the main bedroom and кухня.  All ventilation pipes leave in special brick vent stacks.  Для providing with water there is own well of 66 in depth м.  At entrance to the house there is water treatment station (cleaning and softening of water). It provides the maximum life cycle of all water equipment (washing machines, dish washer, mixers and so forth) and also the high level of quality of life provides to residents.  Канализационные drains are cleaned with own station of biological cleaning, and then dumped in common collector together with rain water. Process of operation of the house does not do harm to the environment and does not litter the habitat residents.  Вся distributing of electricity in metal кожухе.  The House has the system of video surveillance and сигнализации.  By means of the Internet the owner has opportunity to see the picture of all eight surveillance cameras in and outside of the house and also to obtain information on the mobile phone on any violations on house perimeter. DESIGN of the HOUSE  Основной house двухэтажный.  On the first floor there is also heated garage on 2 cars connected with кухней.  The First floor - public zone. The platform of main entrance, hall with wardrobe, kitchen, guest bathroom, furnace, table and гостиную.  From the dining room exit on террасу.  is possible; All first floor of the house was complete space, but not set separate помещений.  The Second floor consists of three living rooms with separate bathroom каждая.  The Main bedroom has own wardrobe and bathroom with hammam.  Гостевой the lodge has one main room with kitchen, the dining room and recreation area, hall and bathroom.  Вся furniture and plumbing fixtures of the house meets the highest quality standards and style and is acquired from leaders in the industry. These are such world brands as B&B Italia, Flos, Barazza, Carlo Frattini, Victoria&Albert, etc. Аэросъемка объекта Сильван
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License: 02240/116, МЮ РБ, 22.06.2006
Company languages: English, Русский
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