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Our office, Thassos Real Estate, was founded in 2005 by Ms. Mammou Asimenia and it is located in Limenas, the capital of Thassos. We have a wide variety of properties from detached houses, apartments, plots of land, parcels, businesses, hotels, which is able to largely meet your requirements.We take care of all the procedures to get your property but the service does not stop here, we support you after the sale by providing after sales service according to your needs. At the same time, our permanent stay and our many years of experience in the field are the guarantee for your excellent choice and they are able to make your dream come true. Respectfully to the needs of customers and with the provision of personalized services, our company undertakes the Real Estate procedures on the island of Thassos but also selectively in addition with a highly organized system.

We look forward to the opportunity to making your time well spent by serving your real estate needs and providing the highest level of service that you have ever experienced and the best results possible.

When I created Real Estate Center, it was my goal to create an environment of professionalism, and accountability. A company that would be able to meet the most stringent demands of each and every client with their real estate needs. A company built upon a foundation of integrity, energy, and drive –with the goal to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

I am happy and proud to say that over the past 27 years, we at Real Estate Center -Susan Jameson have not only been able to meet these expectations, we’ve been able to surpass them. As the real estate industry has continued to grow and evolve, we have grown along with it, by establishing a wider global network of services, and connections to better serve our clients.

Let me say that nothing could be achieved without our amazing colleagues, agents and staff of Real Estate Center -Susan Jameson. We all work as a team, cooperating, working hard and help each other, but most of all loving and enjoying our work that makes us feel that we are one family.

We all are committed to exceeding your expectations by making you feel completely comfortable every step of the way.

Let me wish you every success and prosperity that life can offer and once again thank you for putting your trust in Real Estate Center - Susan Jameson.

We are an international real estate investment company located in Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Lebanon and Montenegro. We began our journey in Lithuania in 2010, and arrived in Greece during the financial crisis as pioneers to opportunity investments due to the affordability of real estate, and the high demand on investment opportunities in Greece from our wide network of clients. Our work centers around the idea of being the leading real estate agency in Greece in technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Our vision is to make our JP & Partners community around the world of people who are actively involved in the purchase and sale of real estate, and to achieve this; our values are a strong belief in who we are, strong trust in our people, our clients, and our B2B network, and persistence to achieve greater.

Epsilon team is a business of special features which makes it different than the rest of the real estate agencies in Greece. It is a group of 9 people who cooperate closely with each other to complete any project they have taken on.  It is the only group that has constant legal support – both for the company as well as for any questions or problems its customers might have – given the fact that the laws concerning buying and selling are very versatile and by default rather complex in Greece.

Additionally to the free legal advice that Epsilon team provides its customers with, it has established a constant partnership with experts and scientists that might be needed when buying real estate. There is an Interior Designer, a Civil Engineer and an Architect, the services of whom are totally guaranteed by the company.

All of the above-mentioned partners provide their services to the customers of the Epsilon team, giving them priority as well as a 20% discount.

The Epsilon team covers all the prime location areas in the north, the south and the center of Athens when it comes to buying or renting. There is also a special department for the independent and commercial buildings and shops. The Epsilon team also deals with selling residential real estate by the sea.

To provide better service to our customers we cooperate with real estate agencies in big cities in Europe and we promote our real estate in Greek and international portals as well as in the Social media.

The Epsilon team is a member of the Athens Realtors Association and the Athens chamber of tradesmen.


«Creating value for our customers» 

The core of our company is composed of a clear and successful philosophy that defines our values ​​and culture:   ·         A drive to excel, by maintaining high standards and personal values, and ​​by treating our customers with respect and trust. ·         To be a source of steady profit, by providing services and advice on developing and managing properties that will benefit our customers. ·         To be a resilient firm, based on solid foundations that are not affected by the economy and market fluctuations. ·         These principles embody our commitment to quality and integrity that is reflected in the nature of our partnerships and the relationships we build with our customers.