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Company description

Floors real estate agency in Minsk For real estate transactions, please, contact Floors. We provide comprehensive realtor, brokerage, and legal support. We guarantee financial security. Call us and we will offer you several suitable objects and convenient showtime. We provide the following services. We are not only a real estate agency, but we also register various types of transactions: purchase, sale, lease, exchange of residential or non-residential premises. We will properly design an advertisement, upload it on our website, distribute to popular platforms, and prepare documents for the transaction. We will find suitable options for buyers and tenants, show them the objects, and seal the deal. Our agency can arrange an exchange, an interregional transaction, and a complex chain of transactions. The website of Floors real estate agency in Minsk offers a wide choice of objects presented in the catalogue. Use convenient filters, compare and save ads to find a suitable option quickly. Our property database provides a detailed description of real estate: layout, photos, detailed description and owner's comments. No need to message a seller to find out answers to popular questions. Why you should contact us. We provide guarantees. Floors is a reliable real estate agency in Minsk. The company has been working and following a safe for customers business paradigm since 2000. We issue a guarantee certificate to our customers. In case there is a problem, we will compensate for an entire transaction amount from our funds. We find a new rental apartment free of charge if there are disagreements with the owner of a previous one. We sell new-builts at developer price. We help you choose an apartment, take you to see it, issue a transaction contract. We do all mortgage paperwork for free. We do all this at developer prices, without extra cost. We reduce the objects' price. We use available to you government subsidies, for example, maternity capital, housing allowances. We issue a cost-efficient mortgage. It is more profitable to apply for a mortgage loan through us than directly in a bank due to a partner rate reduction. Use the calculator to see the savings amount. For those, who purchase real estate through our company, we issue an application for free. We increase the chance of mortgage approval by 25%. Most of Minsk banks are our partners. We know what is important for each bank, and we help you fill out the application correctly. Contact us in a preferred way. For example, call or leave your phone number, and we will call you back within 5 minutes to help you.
Purchase and sale of apartments and rooms Purchase and sale of cottages, houses, lands Commercial real estate sale New-builts, shared-equity construction Real estate valuing Commercial real estate rental