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Buying and selling housing or commercial real estate for business is no easy task. It is an important and demanding step for everyone. And when it comes to buying property abroad there's a greater amount of information that you need to know. • Which city or district of Montenegro is the best for buying real estate? How to sell real estate at a higher price spending less money on its purchase? How to check the stage of legalization of the property and find out the further requirements for the new owner, if any? • How to check all the documents and make sure that the property has no restrictions, encumbrances or debts before signing the purchase and sale agreement? How to choose the most convenient and secure payment scheme under the contract in a given case? • How to prepare correct documents and draw up a purchase and sale agreement, a deed of gift or a certificate of inheritance? What documents must be presented to the notary? How much do the court interpreter and notary services cost? What taxes will I need to pay at once and in future? By contacting us, you will receive a quick professional response and a comprehensive consultation.