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Company description

Remax Rio relies on the professionalism, rigor and dedication of all employees who, as a team, strive to satisfy the customers' requirements on a daily basis. Our team of consultants is highly prepared and is trained on ongoing basis. We offer to our customers and partners more than 50,000 properties throughout Portugal, from low-cost, land-based real estate to exclusive luxury villas, country villas, palaces, and so on.

We also have an extensive commercial properties portfolio such as small offices, restaurants, hotels, with some in operation. We offer professional support to each of our clients, including legal and funding support. Are you interested in investing in Portugal, but you still have questions? Please contact us! We will help you to clarify your doubts! Does you search leads you to far less what you are looking for? Please contact us! Let us help you on your property search.

  • Market analysis;
  • Qualified search;
  • Financial support;
  • Juridical support;
  • Support at obtaining Golden Visa;
  • Rental management.