Экспресс-Недвижимость Инвест

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66 properties 48 commercial properties

Company description

Real estate agency Express-Real Estate Invest was registered on September 2, 2016. Our company feels confident in the real estate market, successfully competes with other real estate organizations and continues to grow rapidly. All this became possible due to the high professional level of the employees, friendly staff, the right management approaches to creating a favorable environment for the team and a modern office located in the very center of Minsk: Smolyachkova St., 4-41a («Ploschad Pobedy» metro station).

Agency has 73 employees. 9 people have «Realtors’ Certificate» accreditation. Real estate agents, 35 in total, have higher education and extensive practical experience. Eleven employees have higher legal education.


Our company provides real estate services for real estate sale, lease. Assistance in the residential to non residentialpremises transfer. Preparation of documents related to redevelopment of apartments. We are actively engaged in suburban real estate, provide practical and advisory assistance in transactions with real estate, conservation of assets under construction, commissioning of residential houses, cottages, division and merger of land.

Our employees in Borisov, Zhodino, Smolevichy, Bobruisk will help you to purchase apartments, houses, cottages, land in the cities or in the suburbans. If necessary, they will assist in the documents restoration. You will also be assisted in the real estate conservation, commissioning of objects and other legal actions related to real estate.

The most important principle of our work throughout the entire period of interaction is to accompany our customers from the beginning to the completion of the transaction and a full guarantee of the legality of its completion.